Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Powder Hunting

As this weekend approaches, many hunters are ready for the start of a new season, black powder hunting. This primitive form of hunting only allows weapons that are loaded from the muzzle, without preloaded cartridges. The perks to hunting with a muzzle-loader are that the deer are not generally as spooked at this time of the year as they are later on during rifle season. All the men in my family get together and we go to a lease that we have for a weekend campout every year for the opening weekend of this season. We spend countless hours sitting around a fire recalling previous years hunts, previous kills, and the ones that got away! If you are unfortunate enough to miss a deer, the crew that is generally at these campouts will generally not let you forget about anytime soon! If you have never been hunting, I would encourage you to go at least once with someone that is somewhat passionate about it because there is more to it then shooting innocent deer like some might believe!

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